Sponsor, Ethel Riser

Raze is a statewide youth anti-tobacco movement that exposes Big Tobacco’s marketing schemes to get teens hooked on cigarettes and spit-tobacco.

• Raze is not anti-smokers; Raze is anti-Big Tobacco!

• Razes goal is to reduce tobacco use among teens

• Raze means to tear down and West Virginia’s Raze teens are working to tear down Big Tobacco’s lies every day, in every school across the state!

• Raze Commotions are teen-led protests, peaceful demonstrations to draw attention to the dangers of tobacco and to the lies being told by Big Tobacco

• Arsenic, ammonia, formaldehyde–a Raze Commotion may be based on letting people know some of the toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke!

• Secondhand smoke kills more than 65,000 people annually–it’s stats like these that keep the Raze teen activists fired up to fight Big Tobacco! Yes! Media coverage, tv commercials, radio spots, outdoor advertising, statewide events, annual conferences and nearly 4,000 Raze Commotions have contributed to:

• 32% drop in high school smoking AND a 19% drop in spit-tobacco use among high school boys since 1999. (Tobacco companies spend more than $70 million marketing their goods in West Virginia and a big portion of Raze began as a campaign developed with funding from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.