Freshmen Class of 2027

"Get Involved"

High School is much more enjoyable when students join a club, activity, or sport. It also promotes a strong sense of school community and pride. Below is a list of things students can join at Oak Glen High School.


Student Council



Art Club

Chess Club

Culture Club

Key Club

Masque and Sword

Pep Club


Science Club

Yearbook Club






Cross Country











Your schedule consists of four 90-minute classes and lunch. Our school year is divided into semesters; therefore, you will only have each class for a semester rather than a year long. Lunches and Block 3 will depend on whether you are scheduled for A or B. Be sure to check your schedule when you receive it in order to know where you should be.

Block 1 - 7:25-8:55

Grab -N-Go 8:55-9:05

Block 2 - 9:05-10:35

Block 3A - 10:40-12:10

Lunch 3A - 10:40 - 11:10

Block 3B - 11:15 - 12:45

Lunch 3B - 12:15 - 12:45

Block 4 - 12:50 - 2:20

Graduation Requirements

As the class of 2027, you are required to earn a total of 24 credits including the following required courses: 4 English, 4 Math, 4 History, 3 Science, 1 PE, 1 Health, and 1 Fine Art.


Finals Policy:

Students may miss 2 or fewer days during each semester without the need to take final exams. Any more than 2 absences will result in the student taking the final exam for any class more than twice. If a student is present for at least half the class (45 minutes) the student will not be counted absent toward finals. Also, any school-sanctioned events (trips, sports, etc.) will not be counted against students.

However, any absence from a class without school sanction or for the death of an immediate family member will be counted as an absence against finals. This includes absences for illness or doctors' appointments.

Tardiness to a class beyond three will result in disciplinary action and an absence from class.

Travel Outside Classroom:

Only one student may be out of a classroom at a time. Student must sign out and sign back in using the QR code and their IPad.

Cell Phones/Earbuds:

Students will be permitted to use their phones and earbuds before school, lunch, and after school. During class time, teachers will require students to put their cell phones/earbuds in a pocket holder at the front of the room to minimize distractions. Any student who does not wish to put his/her cell phone/earbuds in the wall pocket must leave it in their locker.

Bags, Hots, Hoodies, and Blankets:

No bags will be permitted in the classrooms. Lockers are new and can accommodate backpacks, etc.

Hats and hoods should be removed when entering the building and may not be worn inside.

No students will be permitted to carry/use blankets during school. Dress appropriately - the school can vary in temperature from room to room.