Culture Club

Culture Club enriches students experiences through trips to wide variety of "cultural" events. The goal of the club is to go to larger cities outside of the small community to "see what's out there!" Since our towns lack venues for concerts, professional sporting events, Broadway plays, and museums, it is important that students have the opportunity to attend the cultural event! After all, how do you know if you like or dislike the ballet, for instance, if you have never been to a performance?

Sponsor: Michelle Bernardi

Learning does not only take place in a classroom. One of the best teachers is life's experiences, and students will always remember what they've done and where they've gone far longer than what they hear in the classroom. Traveling and experiencing life is exciting and beneficial! There are many families in our area who do not travel to Pittsburgh to attend cultural events, often because its costly to take a large family to an event! students who might be interested in going to Pittsburgh can do it very inexpensively through our school club. we raise money for the bus and the cost of the event ticket. when I went to college and met people from larger towns, I was surprised by the places they had had; consequently, I realized just how many opportunities I had not had because of the location of our community. Hopefully, when my club members go to college they will be on a par with everyone else.

The Culture Club is vital to the high school. It is an outstanding extra resource for learning and developing a well-rounded individual prepared for life and further academic pursuit!

Trips the Culture Club has taken:

September- Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival in West Newton, PA

October- Fright Night at Kennywood Park

November- Carnegie Museum of Art and History, Spaghetti Warehouse Restaurant

December- Nutcracker Ballet at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh

Spring Plans:

January/February/March- undecided/pending weather

April- undecided

May- "Cirque de la Symphony" at Heinz Hall