National Honor Society

2023-2024 National Honor Society Induction Sunday March 24th 4:00 pm


  1. 3.5 GPA after the second trimester of their junior year or after the second trimester of their senior year

  2. 2 sports and/or activities at OGHS - must be an active member!

  3. At least 1 AP class or dual credit class in their junior or senior year

  4. After missing 2 unexcused NHS meetings, you will no longer be a member. If you have a doctor's appointment during the meeting, you must get an excuse from the doctor

  5. You will need 2 teachers' recommendations and 1 guidance counselor's recommendation. The teacher's recommendation will be on a 1-5 scale. Once you give the teacher your recommendation form, it is their responsibility to turn the form into the NHS sponsor

  6. Each perspective member must write paragraphs on a meaningful subject, selected by the sponsor, and submit it prior to the notification of becoming an NHS member.

  7. The practice for the induction ceremony is required. If you do not attend the practice you will not become a member.

  8. Once inducted - each new member must complete 10 hours of community service between the induction date and the first week of May

  9. Second-year members must complete an additional 20 hours of community service during their senior year

  10. All current members must be in good standing at OGHS. No suspensions and inappropriate conduct in school or outside of school


Officers President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Historian